How much are you worth?

Begin to find out by researching job posts to get an idea of salary ranges. Also visit sites like this one (google to find others):

Be aware that salaries can vary a lot between companies for the same job title. Those variances are caused by industry standards, size of companies, titles, years of experience, duties, degrees, certifications, numbers of people supervising, budgeting or P&L responsibilities, etc.

A job's location can have a big impact on a salary because of the local Cost of Living. If the job is 50 miles out in the suburbs where the cost of living is 25% less vs. working downtown, then expect a 25% or so lower salary.

Travel jobs usually pay more because of the inconvenience. And if you are traveling now and want to get off the road, you probably will have to take a pay cut to make that happen. 

Hourly contractors can make 10-50% more per year than their permanent employee counterparts, if they can keep themselves on assignment. Contractors often want to get out of contracting and into permanent, but keep their old income level. This usually doesn't happen and oftentimes keeps contractors in contracting.